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About Me

Models - visual models and other models - have been my passion for many years. Models require methods and working techniques. For me, modeling is not an end in itself. Models help us understand companies and solve problems - from strategy determination, process optimization to IT implementation. Often, different issues are linked.

Models are an essential means of communication between professional users and between professional users and IT. Models must address the different stakeholders and be understandable to them.

Different perspectives are necessary to analyze companies, design and implement solutions. Beware of panaceas - a single standard, a single concept, a unique working technique will never bring you success in the medium or long term. I see standards as important tools. However, concentrating on a single standard always results in an isolated view. My strength is in the integration of different solutions - different standards, the best of different procedures, and proven working techniques make up my success.

Practical knowledge transfer in my workshops, the support of your teams in the introduction of the working methods, and quality assurance are part of my service offer.

This is my blog. My services can be found on BCS-Dr. Juergen Pitschke. In my blog, you will find personal insights and knowledge offers from the field of "Model-Based Business Engineering". Suggestions can also be found in my "Booklist".