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Webcasts, Feedback / Process Mining

Unfurtonately you get too drlfom geeback to Webinars and Webcasts. That's why I cleared old contributions from my channel.

I cleared also recording obviously warched by other people. 

In detaill the (very old but still up-to-date) webinar with Anne Rozinat and Denis Gágne about Process Mining and Process Modeling. You can find it again on YouTube: Webinar with Anne Rozinat and Denis Gágne.

But you can comment on contributions too without having me deleting them.

Juergen Pitschke

Paintings, Architecture and Method

I'm living in Dresden - the most beautiful city. Dresden owns one of the most famous and biggest galeries in the world. The "Galerie Alte Meister" (Gallery of the Old Masters) is under reconstruction in the moment. You can only see parts of the pintings but the most famous. Happy enough they digitized many of the paintngs already. You can look at them independently from times, places or an ongoing reconstruction.

Tourists are for sure most interested in the most famous paintings as "Die Sixtinische Madonna" (The Sixtina). But you can find much more. One of my favorite paintings is "Der Turmbau zu Babel" (Building the Tower of Babel) by Maarten van Valkenborch. You can look on the website of the Gallery here to get a taste. It Is also an interesting allegory for many questions in Business Architecture or Enterprise Architecture. Which elements do we need? What are the relationships? How do we work together?