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BPM Europe 2017, London

BPM SpeakingOctober 16-19, 2017 BPM Europe 2017 colocated with EAC Europe 2017 will be organized by IRM UK in London. I'm happy to be part of the conference again. On Monday (October 16) I'm responsible for a half day workshop "Business Decision Management: How Business Decision Management Fits into BPM". I look forward to an interesting audiance and a lifely discussion.

We will not only discuss the question "What is Decision Management?", we will discuss the standard notation DMN and how Decision Managemen fits into BPM. Many described use cases come from banking and insurance. I want to show and discuss that many other industries can profit from Decision Management.

If you want participate in the workshop or in the entire conference you are heartly welcome. Use discount code SPKR200 when registering. Look forward to meet you in London.

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