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The Conference Season 2017 is over

The Conference Season 2017 is over. I could speak as well in London at EACBPMEurope 2017 and also on BBC 2017 in Florida. The used slides can be found at "Presentations". Sure the slides are only a part of the story, more important is the spoken word.
You will find more posts about the topics of the presentations here soon. I'm happy about questions and feedback.

Both conferences offered an accompanying program with an exhibition of tool vendors. You can see the differences between both conferences. Maybe this is more related to the profile of the organizators and not real market trends.

London had a focus on "Workflow"-Tools. New vendors as Dell Boomie were present as established vendors as Aura. The discussion about "No-Code" or "Low-Code" is less important, even if it disappeared.

Other topics could be seen on BBC 2017 in Florida. Sure you can see that BBC is the official conference of IIBA. The question of "automation" was important there too - automation of processes or of decisions.
Bevor I can automate, I have to understand it, analyze it; if I automate, I have to measure to improve or optimize.

A buzzword at BBC was "Business Agility". John Zachman, Ron Ross, and Roger Burlton presented the "Business Agility Manifesto". I'm sure not everybody agrees with every statement (me too) - but the intention is to facilitate discussion.

My presentations fit this. Before we implement, analyze, measure, or optimize Business Solutions - we have to describe (or model) them. This doesn't mean visual modeling only, but describing in the widest sense. How can our Business Solutions be agile if our models/descriptions are not agile? Often our "culture" is a hurdle in developing agile models and solutions.