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Stucture, Structure, Structure, ...

In the post "Styleguide and Architecture Principles" I pointed to the fact that finding aggod structure for our  model repository is essential for finding informations, to formalize them into models and to create reports and analize our models. To define a good structure I use "Zachman™-Framework for Enterprise-Architecture" (see Other frameworks follow similar principles (e.g. the Archimate Framework). Often you can map the frameworks to each other.

Unfortunately the Frameworks define only the abstractions interesting for us. In practive users ask not only about the used abstractions but also the levels of detail. Processes are described very globally, but also very detailed from the point of view of an Operator (see "Complex vs. Complicated").

We structure Business Processes also internally by content reasons. Think of the element "Milestone" in CMMN. We structure the business process (the Case) by the information about the Case (stored in the Case Fil). To achieve maintainable and good models, finding a good structure is more important compared to excellent knowledge of the used notation (BPMN, CMMN, DMN, others).


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