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Business Rules in natural language - German or English?

Some days ago I visited a potential customer here in Germany. They already developed a good number of models and want to build a "real" enterprise architecture now. One content they already have are Business Rules. Very good - it is for sure a great idea to separate Business Rules and Business Process Models. They described the rules in natural language for the business users - but in English. I think this misses the point of using natural language for business rule representation. The argument was that English is more precise than German. It seems so at least. But any natural language leaves room for misunderstanding. And addressing business users in a foreign language misses the point.

RuleSpeak™ was developed by Ron Ross to allow business users to build and use their own Business Rules in natural language. Keywords and principles for building the rules should ensure precision. Sometimes you have to make compromises between precision and easy understanding for the business user.

RuleSpeak™ is available in multiple languages - e.g. Dutch. Spanish, Polish, Norwegian. The German version can be found on my company website or together with the other languages on

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