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Agile Teams – Generalists – Specialists – Generalizing Specialists

Agility – Business Agility – Agile Modelling

Some days ago Scott Ambler published a post, talking about “Generalizing Specialists”. (

Even is Scott is talking about IT Skills and Agility in software development, I’m a fan of Scotts ideas and believe that they are also valid and important in Business Analysis. Scott is always formulating to the point. We can learn a lot in Business Analysis too.

The strong separation between „Business Agility” (see „The Business Agility Manifesto“ by R. Ross, R. Burlton, J. Zachmann;  and classical Agile approaches is inexplicable for me. If we talk about digitization and automation, both teams need to work together.

The question of agile development and specialization was raised by me a long period ago already once. (


Agile Teams – Generalists – Specialists – Generalizing Specialists

Especially in the business world we always pretend that Business Analysts are Jack-of-all-Traits, having all skills, able to do everything. I believe that we expect too much from our analysts and miss possible results.

There are more and more concepts of interest. A process is more than a flow; we are interested in flexible, knowledge intense processes. Legal requirements and possible improvements require the systematic management of decisions.

To handle all these concepts we need skills and knowledge about notations and working techniques.

Sure every analyst should know about Business Process Management. But special questions require special skills.

More essential for me the term „Agility“ is associated with working techniques and organization of teams and collaboration.


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