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Reading Recommentation: "Business Knowledge Blueprints" by R. Ross

My current reading recommendation: "Business Knowledge Blueprints" by Ronald Ross. Quote: "... We strongly recommend identifying typical examples for each concept (as well as counterexamples) ...".

My experience is that counterexamples and negative examples are often more helpful in defining concepts of a concept model. It is certainly a good practice to give at least one counterexample (or negative example) for each concept. 

You can see my current literature list below.


Juergen Pitschke

Workshops modularized / Website for Bookings

My plan to return beginning of July seems to fail once again. I used the time to modularize my online workshops and to set up a booking page (using Microsoft Bookings) (still in progress).

This gives more flexibility to the attendees and me. Users/attendees can build own workshop programs. The module descriptions are currently in English. The language in the online workshops (German / English) will be based on the attendees. The booking page can be found on Feedback wishes and many participants are welcome.

Juergen Pitschke

Meanwhile, the Languages are separated. Customers can book modules according to their language.