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Agile Modelling, Diciplined Agile Delivery, Roles in the Modeling Process

"Agility" is an often used Buzz Word. Whether in connection with agile development, agile companies or agile modeling. The slogan expresses that organizations are able to respond quickly to changing conditions. Agile approaches - Scrum, XP, SAFe - do not favor role definitions. However, the skills and knowledge in the model development process are so diverse today (process modeling and analysis, decision modeling and analysis, risk assessments, etc.). It is not possible to master all skills equally well. But we still expect employees to keep track of everything and have a holistic understanding. Scott Ambler speaks of "Generalizing Specialists." in this context

"Disciplined Agile Delivery" defines various roles in the team (Mark Lines, Scott Ambler: Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery) (a hybrid framework that incorporates various agile approaches) defines different roles. The framework differentiates between "Primary Roles" (necessary in every project) and "Secondary Roles" (depending on the project). See "Roles on DAD Teams".

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Webcasts, Feedback / Process Mining

Unfurtonately you get too drlfom geeback to Webinars and Webcasts. That's why I cleared old contributions from my channel.

I cleared also recording obviously warched by other people. 

In detaill the (very old but still up-to-date) webinar with Anne Rozinat and Denis Gágne about Process Mining and Process Modeling. You can find it again on YouTube: Webinar with Anne Rozinat and Denis Gágne.

But you can comment on contributions too without having me deleting them.

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